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I've found a new love in my life.

I've found some new love in my life!! And its called Classic Rock.   I was in Times Square last week covering a wounded warrior who was invited to participate in "the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp."  A nine thousand dollar week long jam session with some notable Rock Gods.  I came with the intention of telling the story of this Soldier and in the end I ended up learning so much more...

First it started off with hearing Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" for the first time.  My god!  That song is almost 40 years old and  it pulled and  tugged at every angsty chord I have.   For us  90s kids its like hearing  "Cherub Rock" for the first time.   Just so much fucking power.  I got to talk with Corky Laing the drummer who co-wrote the song and he's just such a physical guy on his kit.  I can't imagine what Peart is like in person because Corky just sounds massive. 

Then there is Leslie West, the lead singer/guitarist of Mountain.  At first, and I'm sure I'm not the first, I was judgemental in West appearnce.  He has this Andy Warhal kind of aura about him.  Made me think of body painting and brie.  So at first he goes and dedicates a solo song to the troops.  It was Bob Dylan's "Blowing in the Wind." um... yeah. When he opened his mouth it was like Thor's Hammer striking the Earth.  I mean it was just fucking massive.  I couldn't do anything but just be captivated from there on out.

One day I had finished interviewing Paul Stanley of KISS and was sticking around for the late-night jam sessions.  Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad is up there and he's playing another song I've never heard, "I'm your Captain."  He goes into the chorus of "I"m getting closer to my home."  and I am floored.  He's played this song probably every night since before I was born and man, it still had so much... soul.  I mean how lucky can you be to pluck a song like that out of thin air and hold it close to you for years and years.  I mean Vanilla Ice has to "stop collaborate and listen."  And EMF has to suffer through long nights of "Unbelievable."  But the connection and warmth of Farmer's delivery just had me jealous as hell...

Then there was Glen Hughes of Deep Purple.  When we talked he kept saying he needed 8 hours of sleep to maintain his voice.  At first it I thought he sounded like he smoked too much.  I mean while in conversation.  On the final night, he got up on stage and I became a true believer.  I guess, Stevie Wonder once said Hughes is his favorite white singer.  I mean here is a Britt with the full accent, just destroying "Superstitious"  I didn't get the full song list but his voice could only be described as Rock God.

Classic Rock was never my Genre.  Never the thing I could fall in love with but Damn I am a true beliver!


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Sep. 8th, 2007 08:21 am (UTC)
that sounds awesome.

Glen Hughes played Jesus on the original Jesus Christ Superstar concept album that came before the stage show and movie.
Sep. 9th, 2007 01:04 am (UTC)
It was fun. Its funny how good songs 30 years ago is still a good song.
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